Archive of Financial Articles
  • How to Manage Your Personal Finances like a Business
    Allocate your cash to various accounts so it can be managed according to different objectives... more
  • A Family Protection Plan for Business Owners
    Always ensure that the maximum protection is in place to protect both the family and the business.... more
  • Business Owner Obstacles to Achieving True Financial Independence
    Many small business owners are so focused on growing their business they forget to devise a serious retirement investment plan. We have some tips for you.... more
  • The Importance of Keeping Your Business and Personal Life Separate
    Most business experts would agree that it is a good business practice to keep your records straight.... more
  • Making Your Business a Family Affair – Laying Down Boundaries
    The family business owner must be able to achieve a balance of commitment and establish meaningful boundaries that guide family and business interaction.... more
  • Protecting a Business Owner's Most Valuable Asset
    As a small business owner, have you ever heard of Business Overhead Expense Insurance? You need to learn about that, and we can do it right now.... more
  • Estate Planning for Business Owners
    Estate Planning Solutions for Business Owners... more
  • Planning on Selling Your Business? What You Must Do Now
    The only way to ensure a successful outcome is to prepare well ahead of the time you contemplate selling your business.... more
  • A Business Owner's Financial Plans Must Include an Exit Strategy
    The exit strategy should be developed well in advance of the planned exit date and include a concise statement of your personal, financial and business goals.... more
  • Business Owner's Financial Plans Must Include an Exit Strategy
    The exit strategy should be developed well in advance of the planned exit date and include a concise statement of your personal, financial and business goals.... more
  • 4 Big Retirement Planning Mistakes Business Owners Make
    Retirement planning is something many people keep putting off, saying there are more pressing issues to deal with today.... more
  • The Importance of Life Insurance for Business Owners
    We will outline why such policies are absolutely critical to the future of your business, and the financial impact that will have on your surviving family.... more
  • Putting together the Business Owner's Financial Advisory Team
    Business owners can benefit from a coordinated approach to fully addressing their financial and business planning needs... more
  • Is Your Business Saleable?
    Do not wait until you think you are ready to sell to make your business saleable... more
  • Record Keeping in the Cloud - Is It Safe?
    As your business grows, the need for keeping records and data stored accounting and business management purposes increases.... more
  • Year-End Tax Planning for Business Owners
    It’s never too early to begin preparing for potential tax savings.... more
  • 5 Tax Advantaged Ways to Take Home More Income from Your Practice
    Utilizing these tax strategies could result in hundreds or thousands of dollars in tax savings.... more
  • The Best Investment Strategy for Business Owners
    The best investment advice for business owners is to work with an objective, independent financial advisor in developing and implementing a sound, long term investment strategy.... more
  • Enjoy S-Corp Tax Advantages without Irritating the IRS
    Small businesses looking for ways to reduce tax liabilities should consider being organized as an S-Corporation.... more
  • Is Your Business included in Your Assets Allocation Strategy?
    Focus on an asset allocation strategy that incorporates your business in the context of an overall investment plan.... more
  • Business Owners Exposed - Managing Risks to Protect Your Assets
    There are numerous protection plans available, which you need to understand.... more
  • You've Built a Business - Now Give Yourself Some Credit
    Credit is essential for growing your business.... more
  • Best Retirement Plan Options for Business Owners
    Here are some ideas to select the best retirement plan for small business owners for themselves and their employees.... more
  • How To Know If A SEP Is The Right Choice For Your Business
    Your small business needs to study and understand a Simplified Employee Pension plan, or SEP.... more
  • How Carrying Business Balances on Your Personal Credit Cards Can Sink Your Credit Score
    Using personal lines of credit to get a new business started can ruin your credit score.... more
  • All in the Family? That Includes Managing the Squabbles, as Well as the Successes
    Thinking of starting a family-owned business? Then be ready lay down some tough rules to insure family unity in both the good and the bad times down the road.... more
  • It’s Your Name…Don’t Let Someone Else Own It on the Web
    It is important to protect you business’s name on the Internet.... more
  • Cash is King: 5 Steps to Improve Business Cash Flow
    Here are 5 tips to help you improve your cash flow.... more
  • Keys To Reducing Your Processing Costs
    It is important to take key steps to reduce your processing costs.... more
  • Common Cash Flow Misconceptions
    Serious business owners will quickly grasp the importance of cash flow management.... more
  • Why a Faster Terminal Can Save You Money
    Explore how a faster terminal can save you money.... more
  • PIN Based Debit Can Save Your Business Money
    Learn whether or not a PIN based debit is better for your company.... more
  • Growing a Business? Give it some Credit
    Here are the key steps to getting credit for your business, in order to help it grow.... more
  • You have Built a Great Business. But How Do You Pass the Mantle?
    It is startling and sad that nearly two-thirds of family-owned businesses fail in their efforts to transfer the reigns to the next generation... more
  • You Are Your Brand. Better Take those Personal Guarantees Seriously
    Whether or not your name is on the shingle, your business becomes your identity and your reputation is intertwined with the fortunes or failures of your business.... more
  • In Case of Emergency…5 Tips for Protecting Your Electronic Records
    It may not be possible to fully secure a business against data loss, there are ways to minimize the risk and ensure the preservation of essential records.... more
  • Using Credit Cards To Expand Your Business
    the one certainty that a business can count on, is that using credit cards will expand the business.... more
  • Mobile Payments Increases Productivity, Save Time
    as consumers willingly shed their credit cards and cash for the convenience of paying with their Smartphones.... more

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