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Get a Social Security Card Right Away

Get a Social Security Card Right Away

A new baby is a bundle of joy − and a tax deduction. But to claim that deduction, your child needs a Social Security number. Not only is a Social Security number a requirement for claiming a personal exemption on your taxes, it lets you:

  • Open a bank account for the child
  • Buy savings bonds for the child
  • Get medical coverage for the child
  • Apply for government services for the child

You can apply for a Social Security number when you apply for your baby’s birth certificate; the state agency issuing a birth certificate will share the child’s information with the Social Security Administration. Or, you can apply at any Social Security office, but you’ll need to provide evidence of the child’s age, identity and U.S. citizenship status, as well as proof of your identity.

Most hospitals provide forms to make the process easy; if not, check online or in person at your local Social Security office.

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